Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Awesome /. quote

As a recovering coder (I've been code free for 12 years) I can tell you that once a coder is addicted to a particular language changing languages is the equivalent of cutting off one of your limbs. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and disruptive including the shakes, paranoia, and a condition that strikingly resembles turrets syndrome. There have been coders in recent years that appear to be able to switch languages with relative ease but studies on these coders have not been conducted and it is suspected that they could go off in a fit of rage at any moment and should be approached with extreme trepidation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Software Patents

Since there is some really stupid minor patent reform thing going on. I found this quote to be pretty much where I stand on the matter:

John Carmack (id Software) - 2005
"In the majority of cases in software, patents [affect] independent invention. Get a dozen sharp programmers together, give them all a hard problem to work on, and a bunch of them will come up with solutions that would probably be patentable, and be similar enough that the first programmer to file the patent could sue the others for patent infringement. Why should society reward that? ... The programmer that filed the patent didn't work any harder because a patent might be available, solving the problem was his job and he had to do it anyway. ... Yes, it is a legal tool that may help you against your competitors, but I'll have no part of it. It's basically mugging someone."


Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 10 List of things I hate about java.

1. No good IDE support
2. Nested classes are mis-named (public static class???)
3. No Operater Overloading
4. Swing (Speaks for itself)
5. No way to create a value type
6. JNI - Hard to use, annoying, and difficult to marshal.
7. NIO buffers - You cannot ever force memory collection, they seem to leak very easily. Tend to lead to:
8. Java out of memory errors (All too common) - Even on production servers!
9. Fonts - You can never get an accurate metric (Its always off by a few pixels)
10. JVM Garbage Collection - Go ahead and try to garbage collect a Built up JTree... It won't happen.

11. You can't even do math with the Box'ed versions of Integer, Double, Float, etc.
12. You cannot do a non-virtual call, its always virtual.
13. Generics are just auto casts.

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By the way, these weakness's are some of c#'s strengths in my opinion.

I swear I'll try to get some useful posts soon! Got to talk about fonts and stuff still.